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Changing lives through comprehensive and integrative muscle pain management using a biopsychosocial approach.


My Zentangled Spine” by Jen Watson


Pain, a complex multidimensional phenomenon, often accompanies back pain. As pain is an experience and not just a direct reflection of neurophysiology signaling related to a specific pathologys, the best therapeutic approach is to treat back pain from a biopsychosocial perspective. Coupled to this type of approach is believing the patient is the expert of their own body and experiences. As clinicians, we have no access to the sensory information the patient has, we rely on having an excellent therapeutic relationship with the patient which is embedded in truth, empowerment and compassion. 

When you come to FJS Rehabilitation you will be treated as a person. Only you can tell us what hurts,  when it hurts and what brings relief! You have a specific situation that requires individualized treatment for your injury. This includes integrating important parts of your treatment into your day so that you are maximizing your rehabilitation to achieve your pain, function and quality of life goals. Having an excellent therapeutic relationship that relies on trust and compassion to empower you to get well is central in helping you achieve.

Exercises need ...


How we help

Through an extensive knowledge of mechanism of injury as well as the complex functionality of the entire spine system exercises are prescribed that are tailored for each person based on many factors including function, pathology and context. Focus is on minimizing spinal loading via neuromuscular retraining and optimization exercises to correct muscle imbalance due to pathology, pain or behavior.  Therefore, the aim of exercise is not only to help repair tissue damage and recruit healthy, but under-utilized, muscle to improve structural integrity resulting in improved quality of life. 


Treatment often commences in the water, where the buoyancy of the water mechanically decompresses the spine frequently resulting in reduced pain experiences with movement. The altered sensations may also tap into the brain’s plasticity regarding pain experiences with a specific movement. The key is to know what to do in the water. Over time, as function improves and pain decreases, more land-based exercises can be introduced.   

Return to Work Programming

Communicating regularly with your doctor and disability manager is provided with this service.  Work conditioning and simulation are incorporated for people returning to a specific job. Preparing a person for return to work requires both physical and psychological preparation in order to anticipate work behaviours that might require modifications without which might risk exacerbation of the existing injury. 

Please check with your health benefits provider to determine if you are eligible for reimbursement under your existing policy. For people who are currently funded through their disability management company, please contact Dr. Slomp and your Disability Manager to determine a treatment package. Financial packages can be arranged upon request. Individual who have sustained injuries through a motor vehicle accident (MVA) will have coverage provided a referral has been made by your family physician or surgeon up to the maximum of two years since the anniversary of the MVA.  


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