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Medical - Legal

Medical-Legal expertise based on decades in clinical practice and research



As an expert in the Court of the Queen’s Bench a comprehensive and judicious assessment of the standards of care outlined by provincial Health Care Acts as well as expected treatment provided by clinicians is exhaustively documented in a medical-legal report providing specific examples of where care has been allegedly sub-optimal given the context of each litigation. The excellent track record for successful plaintiff outcomes prior to trial.



Integrated Functional Assessments based on changes in function in various dimensions of a person’s life ranging from activities of daily living (ADL) to career/job physical demands analysis. Functional deficit charts are produced based on this raw data.

If you have a medical-legal issue regarding injuries sustained in an MVA, please Contact Dr. Flo Slomp

Integrative Functional Assessment

People who have sustained an injury or polytrauma during a motor vehicle accident (MVA) often experience functional deficits across many dimensions of their lives. The Integrative Functional Assessment (IFA) reviews current function to pre-MVA levels. The data from the IFA are plotted onto a deficit graph for easy viewing.

All patient-rated outcomes (PRO) are incorporated into the medical-legal report, regardless of whether an IFA was completed.

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