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What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research is a science that has grown tremendously in the last several decades within many industries and health research.  The research focuses on the processes involved in the constructed realities of our society that shape situational and contextual issues thereby potentially impacting outcomes.  Through rigorous and systematic analysis, themes and patterns are identified choosing from a plethora of methods to identify how experiences are shaped and meaning created.  These findings provide valuable insights in problem identification that may not be found with population health or statistical analysis based on probability theory. 

Some social situations are messy and difficult to unravel as the complexity of individual behaviour sometimes makes understanding and interpreting specific trends or contexts in light of what “should” be happening. By using the appropriate method, a more thorough and comprehensive understanding can be achieved impacting our knowledge and practice of our profession. 

Current Research
Royal Alexandra Hospital Non-surgical
Candidates Clinical Trial on Spine and Core Strengthening

Gross D, Macedo L, Carlesso L, Thomas K, Rampersaud R, Schneider G, Slomp F, Miciak M, Rushton A, Katz L, Saxton E, Dorley S. Development and feasibility testing of a pre-surgical rehabilitation (Prehab) program for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.  ($20,000)

Hockley, A., Slomp, F. Slater-MacLean, L., Bedi, P., Ritchie, V., Theisen, E, Autet, S. Schlomovitch, V.  Royal Alexandra Hospital: Quality Improvement Research to Improve Referral Accuracy. to Spine Assessment Clinic ($28,800)

Organizations interested in pursuing qualitative research for difficult to assess situations, please Contact Dr. Flo Slomp

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