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Flo is passionate about providing excellence as well as compassion in inpatient care. Patients with complex back problems who have not found success with conventional treatment often have their problems resolved through her treatments. She is very attentive to detail and cares deeply that your treatment is providing you with results that improve your quality of life and help you attain the goals you have. She takes the time to truly understand the individual so that she can design a treatment package that considers all aspects of your life. Since the spine is so complex, she is frequently designing new exercises that permit pain-free movement while at the same time strengthening the spine.

Flo has been instrumental in my recovery from a lumbar compression fracture. Through her, I have gained a deep understanding of the bio-psycho-social aspects of my injury as we work together to develop an individualized treatment plan involving water and land-based exercise. Flo’s person-centred approach empowers patients to be partners in achieving their individual health goals. I highly recommend
her services!

I had been in a motor vehicle accident in 2018, and after not progressing with regular treatment for months, I was referred to Flo by my family doctor. We began with very specific spine exercises in the water and I could immediately feel the difference with this type of treatment. I did not know how much pain I really was in until I began moving in a different medium. I had been forcing myself to work but after treatment with Flo began, slowly my activities at work improved. Flo has provided me with very precise spine exercises that were tailored to my situation. She is excellent at finding just the right amount of new and graduated exercises targeting spine function while at the same time reducing my pain.

Aimee Tavaroli
Dr. Flo Slomp offers a highly creative and effective exercise approach that should help anyone suffering from spinal pain. I found her extremely compassionate and she worked diligently to find the right aquatic exercises to help improve my overall endurance and spinal health. I got results after the first treatment and I would heartedly recommend her to anyone suffering from back pain. “Well worth the investment, thank you Flo, you changed my life!
Robert Nichols

I am so relieved and grateful to have found Dr. Flo. I have lived with severe back injuries for over half my
life, and the latest exacerbation nearly 2 years ago has forced me to live a very small, confined life. Dr. Flo understands the impact chronic pain has on individuals and families. She works hard to listen to how pain moves over the course of the day, week and over separate movements and activities. I love the water and Dr. Flo has devised exercises that are both fun, challenging and that I can feel are working my back muscles. She combines movements to reflect what I need to do in real life, and to get muscles moving in concert – instead of isolating and reducing focus to distinct muscles. She is able to attend to immediate needs to reduce pain, the medium-term therapeutic goals, and the long-term plans. I have never felt that my program is generic, that my sessions are rushed, or that my program is designed to fit exactly the number of sessions paid by insurance benefits. My journey is not linear, and there are plateaus and unexpected developments. I am confident that Dr. Flo will accompany on this journey and I will not be abandoned as too complex a case!

Dr. Jude Spiers

Professor Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta

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2019 Award of Excellence

Pain Society of Alberta

2019 Award of Outstanding Achievement

Alberta Pain Strategy

2010-2011 Osteoarthritis Team Alberta Scholarship

Recently, Dr. Slomp received funding to do a feasibility research study with lumbar back pain that are not considered surgical candidates. She partnered with the Royal Alexander Hospital Spine Unit to research her innovative spine approach as a potential intervention for patients.

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